Bingo Hall

Bingo Hall - Bingo players can compete for $2,000 worth of VIP tickets for the upcoming Rolling Stones concert in Seattle. The concert, which is a part of the band's North American “A Bigger Bang” tour, sold out within only minutes after being put up for sale. Haney Bingo Plex, located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, will be holding a special bingo event for players to compete for the extra special tickets.

Grown up’s can play a game of ‘Back Seat Bingo’. This is similar to the younger travel bingo version, but players have their own cards and the game is played in the same 5x5 grid as traditional bingo games. Objects are determined beforehand, whether players choose road signs, license plates or other objects. Once these have been chosen, a description is written in each square of the grid. Players then mark an ‘X’ in each box as they see the objects. The first to get a row on five going down, across or diagonally wins bingo.

Many new bingo players have the impression that there are no bonuses or prizes to be found in free bingo. This is a common misconception, but players will be happy to know that they can in fact find themselves a free online bingo bonus…if they know where to look.

Pollard Banknote Limited Partnership, a Canada-based bingo paper manufacturer, recently announced that the company had reached an agreement with Manitoba Lotteries Corporation (MLC), under which it is required to provide MLC with bingo paper. The newly-signed contract is scheduled to come into effect this month.

The move is part of a larger effort by church leaders to encourage other ways to make money and discourage bingo and raffles. Indeed, a Canadian bishop recently caused an uproar when he threatened to blacklist schools that hosted bingo fundraisers.

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Although Camelot recently unveiled sales figures of more than £5 billion, many commentators believe that the company is struggling and that other operators may be able to do a better job. The National Lottery Commission will decide by the end of the year who it will be.

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A Prize is a cash allotment that is payable to a Player (or Players if there are more than one winner) who identifies to Palace World Leisure (Panama) SA, through a Bingo Call, a match to the Game Variation of a Player Card. Prizes are automatically deposited into a Players Winner Account.